Budget Officer Forms

Form Deadlines (revised 12-13-18)

A-1 Operating Revenues & Expenditures Actual & Budget (revised 12-13-18)

A-1 Operating Revenues & Expenditures Instructions (revised 12-13-18)

A-2 Budget Reallocation (revised 12-13-18)

A-1 Operating Revenues & Expenditures Short (revised 12-13-18)

B-1 Institutional Budget Needs (revised 5/14/19)

B-2 Efficiencies, Reallocations, and Cost Savings (revised 12-13-18)

B-3 Revenue Generating Activities (revised 12-13-18)

B-4 Budget Request Initiatives (revised 12-13-18)

C-2 Cost Study (revised 12-13-2018)

C-2 Cost Study Instructions (revised 12-13-2018)

C-3 IPEDS Financials (revised 12-13-18)

D-1 Foreign Donations Disclosures (revised 12-14-18)

D-2 Draw Schedules (revised 12-14-18)

G-1 Grants and Contracts (revised 12-14-18)

H-1 Hearing Impaired Report (revised 12-14-18)

H-2 Institutional Residence Report (revised 12-14-18)

H-3 Medical Benefit Changes (revised 12-14-18)

I-1 Salaries by Category (revised 12-14-18)

I-3 Work Program Revisions (revised 12-14-18)

L-1 Leased Space Reports(revised 12-14-18)

R-1 Tuition and Waivers (revised 12-14-18)

R-2 Student Fee Proposal (revised 12-14-18)

R-3 Waiver Utilization (revised 12-14-18)

R-4 Tuition Proposal (revised 2-26-19)

R-5 National Guard Waivers (revised 12-14-18)

R-6 Differential Tuition Request (revised 12-14-18)

S1-S7 Regent Required Reports (revised 12-14-18)

S-8 Auxiliary Enterprise Operations (revised 12-14-18)

S-10 Employee Benefits (revised 5/24/19)

S-11 Faculty Workload (revised 12-14-18)

S-11 Faculty Workload Instructions (revised 12-14-18)

S-12 Employee FTE Count (revised 12-14-18)

S-13 Intercolliegiate Athletics (revised 12-14-18)

V-2 Vehicle Expansion (revised 12-14-18)