Planning, Finance & Facilities

The Planning, Finance & Facilities team advises, engages, and supports the Board of Regents, Commissioner, Utah’s public colleges & universities, and external partners across a broad array of strategic and operational functions in order to facilitate effective, efficient, and sustainable post-secondary educational operations. Individually and through various working groups, the PFF team provides awareness and support for system-wide efforts to improve services, enhance efficiencies, provide training, and disseminate best practices in such areas as information technology, budget, human resources, finance, institutional research, facilities, planning, and general business operations.  These efforts include managing the operational budget and tuition setting processes, prioritizing capital facilities projects, advancing system-wide data collection and policy setting, and serving as a liaison between various NGO and governmental organizations and the Utah System of Higher Education.

More information on the work of the Planning, Finance & Facilities unit is provided through the available web Links on this site.

Contact Us:

Kimberly Henrie, 801-321-7104
Associate Commissioner for Planning, Finance & Facilities
Christine House, 801-321-7104
Executive Assistant for Planning, Finance & Facilities
Brian Shuppy, 801-366-8423
Assistant Commissioner for Budget & Planning

Rich Amon, 801-321-7241
Assistant Commissioner for Business Operations

Geoff Landward, 801-321-7136
Assistant Commissioner for Policy & Planning
Mark McCain, 801-321-7158
Finance & Accounting Manager
Bryce Anderson, 801-321-7161
Accounting Officer
Joseph Curtin, 801-321-7121
Assistant Commissioner for Institutional Research & Analysis
David Ma, 801-321-7106
Institutional Research & Analysis Officer
Michael Palica, 801-456-7349
Institutional Research Analyst
Emily Guinto, 801-321-7108
Institutional Research Analyst
Jillana AhLoe, 801-456-7375
Research Analyst