External Data Resources

State level data on attainment, access, affordability, completion, & finance for higher education.

US Dept. of Education tool to monitor progress toward goal of increasing proportion of Americans with higher education credential.

US Census American Community Survey website provides data on characteristics of US population, including educational attainment.

Website for students, parents, & policy makers tracking higher education outcomes.
College completion data from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Information on costs of higher education & why those costs are increasing.
Tool for finding & comparing colleges & universities.
View historical data on enrollment, degrees, graduation, & revenues, by institution & state.
Utah-specific resource for preschool, K12, & post-secondary public education & workforce data.
State level data on college completion rates & research on how to increase completion rates.
State & institution level data on how much debt students are incurring for their college educations & analysis on the impact of increasing debt burdens.