Board of Regents Solicitations

Unless listed below, all solicitations (requests for information, requests for proposals, etc.) are provided by the University of Utah.

Competency-based education and online courses – May 2018

State legislation seeks proposals from non-state providers for credit acceptance by Utah’s public colleges and universities

Colleges and universities within the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) offer a variety of competency-based and online courses in general education, providing potentially increased flexibility and engagement for students as they work to complete a certificate or degree.

The Commissioner of Higher Education, on behalf of The State Board of Regents and as directed by recently adopted legislation, is seeking proposals for possible innovative state-wide arrangements with private providers so that students can earn credit for competency-based coursework in general education.

For purposes of the statute and this solicitation, a “Private provider” is a private institution that meets the following conditions:

  1. Offers a post-secondary competency-based general education course online or in person.
  2. Awards academic credit.
  3. Does not award degrees, including associates degrees or baccalaureate degrees.

Such providers can have a variety of delivery methods and the Board is eager to explore possible articulation agreement(s) with non-USHE entities for competency-based general education courses that can fulfill USHE general education requirements, and contribute to student completion statewide.

The Board may select one or more approved providers for specified general education courses under a master agreement with the USHE system.  USHE institutions shall accept approved courses from private providers who have an articulation agreement with USHE for those courses.

The Utah Legislature established criteria in its 2018 Session, that requires providers to demonstrate to the Board that offered courses are “equally rigorous” and include “the same subject matter as an equivalent course offered” by a USHE institution, based on but not limited to the following criteria:

  • The quality of content and delivery.
  • Ease of user interactivity and access.
  • Demonstrable proof of adequate data and information security protocols.
  • Demonstrable proof that the registered student was the actual completer of the course.
  • Compatibility with course management systems used by USHE institutions.
  • Academic rigor, pedagogy and assessment that successfully demonstrates alignment to USHE general education outcomes.
  • Scalability to ensure the volume and accessibility necessary for statewide use.
  • Adaptability for use in all varieties of technological environments, operations systems and devices.
  • Compliance with all state and federal statutes and policies of the Board.
  • Clearly-defined and communicated policies for refund and recourse for a student who believes services received by the provider do not meet these requirements or who otherwise feels those services did not meet the student’s expectations.
  • Ability to audit of regular and substantial engagement between instructors and students.

Any provider selected by the Board solely assumes all responsibility for demonstrating course articulation and all risks and liabilities associated with providing approved courses.  Providers are responsible for establishing transferability with  USHE.  Providers who are selected as a service provider will operate independently from the USHE institution(s) and will be required to indemnify and hold harmless any USHE institution(s), the Board of Regents, and the Commissioner’s Office, from liabilities arising out of the provider’s services.  The Board, at its discretion, may cancel any agreement with 30 days notice.

To submit a proposal, or for additional questions, please contact Dr. Gregory Benson, Assistant Commissioner for Academic and Student Affairs ( | 801-321-7167)