College Preparation

In recent years, the Utah State Board of Education, responsible for K-12 education, has increased learning standards to better prepare students for college, career and life in an increasingly complex world. Preparation for college, particularly in math and English, enables students to progress in college without spending time “catching-up” to college-level work through remedial courses.

Over the past several years, the Utah State Board of Regents has developed outreach programs via its StepUp Utah initiative to encourage K-12 students to see themselves as college material and prepare for higher education academically and financially. StepUp Utah has partnered with 27 of the 41 state school districts. StepUp Utah programs include the legislatively-funded Regents’ Scholarship, the Utah Scholars Initiative, Concurrent Enrollment, a statewide conference for school counselors, and events throughout the state for Utah parents and students.

The StepUp initiative’s college preparedness website, primarily covers these ares:

In addition, in 2014, the Board of Regents adopted specific math recommendations for high school students preparing for college to help set clear expectations for success in completing a college degree. The Board of Regents and the Utah System of Higher Education recommend that high school students (grades 9-12) complete: