September 16, 2016 Regents Meeting Minutes




Regents Present
Daniel W. Campbell, Chair
Jesselie B. Anderson
Ty Aller
Nina R. Barnes
Wilford Clyde
Marlin K. Jensen
Robert S. Marquardt
Steve Moore
Harris H. Simmons
Mark R. Stoddard
Teresa L. Theurer
John H. Zenger
Regents Absent
France A. Davis, Vice Chair
Robert W. Prince
Leslie B. Castle
Joyce P. Valdez
Patricia Jones
Steven Lund










Office of the Commissioner
David L. Buhler, Commissioner of Higher Education
Kimberly L. Henrie, Associate Commissioner for Finance & Facilities

Institutional Presidents Present
David W. Pershing, University of Utah
Stan L. Albrecht, Utah State University
Scott L Wyatt, Southern Utah University
Gary L. Carlston, Snow College
Matthew S. Holland, Utah Valley University
Richard B. Williams, Dixie State University
Deneece G. Huftalin, Salt Lake Community College

Other Commissioner’s Office and institutional personnel were also present. The signed role is on file in the Commissioner’s Office.

Chair Campbell called the meeting to order at 12:32 p.m. Chair Campbell welcomed the Board and turned the time over to President Albrecht.

State of the University

President Albrecht welcomed everyone and opened by expressing his appreciation for the honor of being President of USU, and offered his thanks to the many people whom he has worked with along the way. He said for the past several years he has used this presentation to talk about USU, but this time he will just say there are hundreds of wonderful things happening on campus, and would now like to changed directions and reflect on his twelve year journey as president of USU. He talked about major joys, frustrations and disappointments, and worries looking forward.

Chair Campbell expressed his and the Regents’ deep appreciation for President Albrecht’s love for Utah State University and the difference he has made.

Oath of Office: Ty B. Aller

Having been appointed to the Board of Regents, Ty B. Aller took the Oath of Office

General Consent Calendar (TAB X)

On a motion by Regent Marquardt, and seconded by Regent Theurer, the following items were approved on the Regents’ General Consent Calendar:

A. Minutes of the Board meeting July 15, 2016, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah
B. Grant Proposals
C. Awards
D. Academic Items Received and Approved

Approval of Calendar for 2017-2018 Board of Regents Meetings (TAB Y)

Regent Jensen moved to approve as outlined in Tab Y, the motion was seconded by Regent Stoddard and the motion carried.

USHE-Institutional State-Funded Capital Development Projects for 2017-2018 (TAB P)

Regent Marquardt noted the Capital Development Committee met yesterday after the Committee of the Whole to prioritize the projects. This list was presented to the Finance and Facilities Committee where it was unanimously approved. The ranking is as follows:

  1. The University of Utah—Medical Education & Discovery (MED)/Rehabilitation Hospital
  2. Dixie State University—Human Performance Center
  3. Weber State University—Lindquist Hall Renovation (Social Sciences Building)
  4. Utah State University—Biological and Natural Resources Renovation
  5. Utah Valley University—New Business School Building
  6. Salt Lake Community College—Herriman Campus General Education Building

Regent Marquardt moved to approve, the motion was seconded by Regent Zenger and the motion carried.

USHE-Institutional Non-State Funded Capital Development Projects and Land Bank Requests for 2017-2018 (TAB O)

Regent Marquardt noted the Regents heard presentations on these projects in yesterday’s Committee of the Whole. Regent Marquardt moved to approve as outlined in TAB O. The motion was seconded by Regent Simmons and the motion carried.

USHE-2017-2018 Operating Budget Request (TAB M)

Commissioner Buhler stated the Board has four primary roles; one of those is to present the operating budget request. He reviewed a report on the value of education. The budget request takes into consideration the Board’s strategic objectives of Affordable Participation, Timely Completion, and Innovative Discovery. The strategic plan calls for a %5 annual increase in state funding. However, this year we are requesting a 7.5% increase in order to minimize the tuition rate increase to a 2% first-tier increase. The request consists of three priorities: Compensation, Student Growth and Market Demand. He also noted this item authorizes him to make subsequent technical adjustments related to compensation, student growth, market demand and Regents’ Scholarship. There was a discussion about the process and funding. Chair Campbell mentioned there was no funding last year for growth. Commissioner Buhler stated it is important that legislation fund new growth or student costs will continue to rise. Commissioner Buhler expressed his appreciation to the Presidents for their efforts in preparing the budget request. Regent Barnes moved to approve as outlined in Tab M, the motion was seconded by Regent Lund and the motion carried.

Reports of Board Committees

Academic and Student Affairs Committee:

University of Utah-Education Specialist in School Psychology (TAB A)

Utah State University-Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in English Teaching Composite with Emphases in American Studies, Literature, and Writing (TAB B)

Utah State University-Bachelor of Science in Climate Science (TAB C)

Weber State University-Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Education with Emphases in Integrative Nutrition and Sports Nutrition (TAB D)

Regent Theurer noted these were approved in Committee and moved to approve as outlined in Tabs A, B, C, D. The motion was seconded by Regent Stoddard and the motion carried.

Revision of Regent Policy R165, Concurrent Enrollment (TAB E)

Regent Theurer noted this policy revision came about because of the passage of two new bills. Regent Theurer moved to approve as outlined in Tab E. The motion was seconded by Regent Aller and the motion carried.

Revision of Regent Policy R470, General Education, Common Course Numbering, Lower-Division Pre-Majore Requirements, Transfer of Credits, and Credit by Examination (TAB F)

Regent Theurer noted this was a good revision and it was approved in committee. Regent Theurer moved to approve as outlined in Tab F. The motion was seconded by Regent Barnes and the motion carried.

Utah State University Completion Report (TAB G)

Utah Scholars Initiative (TAB H)

StepUp to Higher Education Initiative 2016 (TAB I)

Regent Theurer shared her excitement about TAB G, Utah State University Completion Report and encouraged Regents to read the report. She also noted TAB H and I were good reports. This is information only; no action was taken.

Finance and Facilities

Utah State University-Property disposal in Carbon County (TAB K)

Salt Lake Community College-Property Acquisition in Herriman (TAB L)

USHE-Revision of Policy R345, Information Technology Resource Security (TAB N)

UHEAA-Amendment to Authorizing Resolution: Student Loan Backed Notes (TAB R)

Regent Marquardt briefly described each item and moved to approve as outlined in Tabs J, K, L, N, R. The motion was seconded by Regent Anderson and the motion carried.

USHE-State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) Institution Membership Fees (TAB Q)

Regent Marquardt noted this has to do with online programs and moved to approve as outlined in Tab Q. The motion was seconded by Regent Clyde and the motion carried.

Utah State University-Series 2106 Taxable Research Revenue Bonds (TAB S)

Utah State University-Series 2016 Student Fee and Housing System Revenue Bonds (TAB T)

Southern Utah University-Aviation Program Capital Asset Report (TAB U)

USHE-2015-2016 End-of-Year-Enrollment Report (TAB V)

USHE-Annual Report on Foreign Gifts and/or Donations (TAB W)

Regent Marquardt noted Tabs S, T, U, V, W are all informational reports; no action was taken.

It was moved by Regent Stoddard and seconded by Regent Barnes to meet in Executive Session for the sole purpose of discussing the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of individuals.

The Committee of the Whole adjourned at 1: 46 p.m.