November 13, 2015 Regents Meeting Minutes




Regents Present
Daniel W. Campbell, Chair
France A. Davis, Vice Chair
Jesselie B. Anderson
Bailey Bowthorpe
Leslie Brooks Castle
Wilford W. Clyde
Marlin K. Jensen
Patricia Jones
Steven Lund
John H. Zenger
Robert S. Marquardt
Steve Moore
Mark R. Stoddard
Teresa L. Theurer
Jack Zenger
Regents Absent
Jefferson Moss
Robert W. Prince
Harris H. Simmons
Joyce P. Valdez













Office of the Commissioner
David L. Buhler, Commissioner of Higher Education
Gregory Stauffer, Associate Commissioner for Planning, Finance and Facilities
Elizabeth Hitch, Associate Commissioner for Academic Affairs

Institutional Presidents Present
Ruth Watkins on behalf of David W. Pershing, University of Utah
Scott L Wyatt, Southern Utah University
Gary L. Carlston, Snow College
Matthew S. Holland, Utah Valley University
Richard B. Williams, Dixie State University
Deneece G. Huftalin, Salt Lake Community College
Charles Wight, Weber State University

Other Commissioner’s Office and institutional personnel were also present. The signed role is on file in the Commissioner’s Office.

Vice-Chair Davis called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. He excused the Regents who were absent and thanked those present. Moved to President Wight for the State of the University report.

President Wight gave a report on the state of Weber State University, recognizing the “people” at the university and their passion to serve students, stating “Weber helps students transform their lives for good”. He noted they added two new master degrees this last year; Computer Engineering and Nursing,
highlighting the fact the nursing program at Weber is the largest in the state and 7th largest in the country. President Wight mentioned the Dream125 campaign and said they have already reached their goal of raising 125 million dollars, even though the campaign doesn’t officially end until June 30, 2016. Weber has received several accolades this year including; The Chronicle of Higher Education announced Weber is a great institution to work for; In October LUPEC (Latinos United Promoting Education and Civic Engagement) recognized Weber for their work with the Hispanic and Latino communities; The Princeton
Review recognized Weber as one of the best regional colleges in the west; New York Life and the Washington Center choose Weber as one of five recipients for their higher education award for civic engagement; Weber’s Facility Management Team received the APPA 2015 award for excellence. President Wight recognized a new campus, Weber State Farmington Station. He also covered areas they are working on to increase completion rates.

He closed with a new positioning statement “We are Weber. We put teaching first. We forge strong connections. We are dedicated and resourceful, down to earth, and forward thinking. We know how to challenge you and we care enough to do it. We are proudly rooted in our community while we pioneer beyond boundaries. We are unique in our ability to welcome everyone who has a dream to learn, to grow, to lead, to excel, to find their passion, to provide for their family. And we offer the personalized opportunities, experiences and support to transform that dream into reality. Our doors and our minds are open”.

Vice-Chair Davis thanked President Wight and his team for their work.

Resolution for Ken Anderton, former Chair of the Board of Regents
Chair Campbell read a resolution in appreciation for Ken Anderton and his years of service to the Board of Regents, recognizing his passing on October 23, 2015, and offering sincere condolences to his entire family. Chair Campbell moved to adopt the resolution, it was seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Remarks from Dr. Jimmy Clark, representing the Lumina Foundation Strategy Labs Dr. Clark explained Strategy Labs works with state policy makers to assist and provide resources. Lumina has asked Utah to provide a state advisor. This is to allow Lumina to use Utah’s experiences and share with other states. A few examples of what they do are; provide evidence based research upon request, facilitating events, providing speakers on particular subjects. They work to advance state teams to work together and share peer learning. Lumina recognizes each state has different needs, but believes they can learn from each other.

General Consent Calendar (TAB V)
Vice-Chair Davis asked for a motion to approve, the motion moved and was seconded; the following items were approved on the Regents’ General Consent Calendar:
A. Minutes – Minutes of the Board meeting September 17 & 18, 2015, Utah State University.
B. Grant Proposals
C. Awards
D. Academic Items Received and Approved

Reports of Board Committees

Academic and Student Affairs Committee
Regent Theurer noted they had no action items. There was a lot of discussion on the following information only items:
Chief Student Affairs Officers Presentation
Regent’s and New Century Scholarships Report (TAB A)
USHE Conference for School Administrators and Counselors Report (TAB B)
USHE Completion Report (TAB C)
Institutional Completion Update – Weber State University (TAB D)
“Expect the Great” Conference (TAB E)
High School Feedback Reports (TAB F)

Vice-Chair Davis followed up with comments regarding “Expect the Great” and noted it was a fantastic program and thanked President Wight and his team for hosting the event.

Finance/Facilities Committee

Weber State University – Campus Master Plan (TAB G)
Regent Marquardt noted Weber is making significant impact on their entire region and the Ogden campus has transformed over the years and is a phenomenal facility. Regent Marquardt moved to approve as outlined in TAB G, the motion was seconded and the motion carried.

2015-2016 USHE Performance Based Funding Initiatives (TAB H)
Regent Marquardt noted this year Senate Bill 232 passed the performance based funding with a 9 million funding price tag on it. All institutions have submitted their recommendations and the detail can be viewed in TAB H. Regent Marquardt recommended approval as outlined in TAB H, the motion was seconded and the motion carried.

2015-2016 USHE Research Universities Graduate Program Support (TAB I)
Regent Marquardt noted the legislation appropriated 4 million dollars, which is allocated 60% to University of Utah and 40% to Utah State University. Regent Marquardt moved to approve as outlined in TAB I, the motion was seconded and the motion carried.

Utah State University – Space Dynamics Laboratory Phase II (Non-State Funded Capital Development Project) & Accompanying Revenue Bond Authorization Request (TAB J)
Regent Marquardt noted this is for up to a 12 million dollar project and 37,500 square feet. He also noted this has been a very successful program in phase I and they are ready to move on to phase II. Regent Marquardt moved to approve as outlined in TAB J, the motion was seconded and the motion carried.

Utah State University – Property Acquisition and Revenue Bond Authorization Request (TAB K)
Regent Marquardt noted this is for authorization to purchase a 2.5 acre property with three student apartment buildings and a 2.5 acre ground lease for 20 million dollars. This is being referred to as the Blue Apartments. Regent Marquardt moved to approve as outlined in TAB K, the motion was seconded and the motion carried.

University of Utah – Rice Eccles Stadium Video Scoreboard Replacement (TAB L)
Regent Marquardt noted the existing scoreboard is over 10 years old and the new scoreboard is very large and impressive at 120 by 90 feet. The project comes at a cost of 13.5 million, with 8.6 million for the video scoreboard and 4.9 million for the sound system. All funds will be provided by the athletic department and auxiliary services. Regent Marquardt moved to approve as outlined in TAB L, the motion was seconded and the motion carried.

Dixie State University – Request for approval to create the position of general counsel. (TAB M)
Regent Marquardt noted this follows as most other intuitions have already done and recommended approval as outlined in TAB M, the motion was seconded and the motion carried.

USHE – Fall 2015 Third-week Enrollment Report (TAB N)
Regent Marquardt noted USHE institutions reported an increase of 2.06 compared to 2014 and an increase of 2.79 in total FTE. This is an information item only; no action was taken.

Regent Marquardt noted other reports were reviewed including:
USHE – Annual Report on Leased Space (TAB O)
USHE – Institutional Residences Annual Report (TAB P)
Both items are information only; no was action taken.

USHE – Annual Grants & Contracts Report (TAB Q)
Regent Marquardt stated this report is noteworthy. The institutions collectively have received over 650 million dollars in FY2015. This item is information only; no action was taken.

University of Utah – Acquisition of Heritage Preserve Property (TAB R)
Regent Marquardt noted this property is located in Red Butte Canyon. The university had encroachment issues with an adjacent homeowner. They have come to a settlement and the university will receive 5 acres and $225,000 for the benefit of Heritage Preserve. This is information only and no action was taken.

Utah Valley University – Wasatch Campus Lease to Wasatch School District (TAB S)
Regent Marquardt noted the university has entered into a lease agreement with Wasatch School District for 8200 square feet of space for an advanced professional studies center to provide high school students with career exploration opportunities.

Utah State University – Series 2015 Student Fee and Housing System Revenue Bond (TAB T)
Regent Marquardt noted this is for a new student residence hall to replace Valley View Residence Hall. The bond closed on September 23, 2015. This is information only and no action was taken.

Utah State University – Series 2015 Federally Taxable Research Revenue Bond (TAB U)
Regent Marquardt noted this is for phase I of the Space Dynamics Laboratory. This is information only and no action was taken.

Vice-Chair Davis turned the time over to Commissioner Buhler. Commissioner Buhler asked the regents and presidents to review the legislative briefing dates and see which of those they can attend. He also referenced the Commissioner’s legislative kick-off meeting scheduled for January 15, 2016 as well Higher Education Day at the Capitol, which is February 19, 2016.

It was moved by Regent Stoddard and seconded to meet in Executive Session for the sole purpose of discussing the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of individuals, pending or reasonably imminent litigation, and the possible sale of real property. The motion carried.

The Board of Regents met in Executive Session until 3:25 p.m.

Loreen Olney
Executive Secretary

Date Approved: January 22, 2016