Utah Scholars Initiative

Welcome to Utah Scholars!


2012-2013 Overview

Partner Schools: 74 schools in 12 districts

Presentations Given: 762

Students Reached: 25,887

Utah Scholars have made the choice to be ready for their futures by committing to take the Utah Scholars Curriculum in grades 9-12. These courses are within everyone’s reach and will prepare students for what comes next.

The Utah Scholars Initiative partners school districts with local community and business leaders in an effort to increase the number of Utah students accessing and completing post-secondary education. We are part of the state’s goal to see 66% of Utah adults achieve a college education by the year 2020. Utah Scholars volunteers encourage students in our partner schools to take the Utah Scholars Curriculum throughout all four years of high school.

To become a Utah Scholar, students must take a prescribed college-preparatory curriculum during grades 9-12.

What’s in it for the students? They receive support and information about scholarships, events on campus, recognition in their schools, and a certificate and medallion when they graduate.