High School Math Recommendations

Recommendations on High School Mathematics Preparation for the Utah System of Higher Education

The adoption of the Utah Core Standards in Mathematics provides an opportunity for the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) to examine recommended pathways for high school students intending to enroll in USHE institutions, especially from the perspective of reducing time-to-graduation and increasing retention rates. USHE convened a Task Force consisting of mathematicians and educators from both public and higher education to consider this issue. The recommendations of the Task Force are as follows:StepUp logo

Recommendation 1

Each year in high school (4 years), students should take the most rigorous Mathematics course for which they qualify.

Recommendation 2

All students should successfully complete Secondary Math I, II and III, or Secondary Math Honors I, II and III.
Note: Secondary Math I, II and III cover more content than Math 1010 (Intermediate Algebra). Math 1010 should not be substituted for any component of the Secondary Math I, II, III sequence.

Recommendation 3

Students who intend to pursue associates (AA/AS) or baccalaureate degrees should complete one or more Mathematics courses from the following list.

USHE-Recommended Courses BEYOND Secondary Math I, II and III:
• HS Calculus* or AP Calculus* or IB Math*
• HS Precalculus*†
• AP Statistics
• Any other course equivalent to one satisfying a USHE General Education Quantitative Literacy requirement including: Math 1030, 1040, 1050 or any Math course with Math 1050 as a prerequisite
* Students interested in STEM or other math-intensive careers should take one or more of the classes identified with an asterisk in advance of high school graduation.
HS Precalculus covers the content of Math 1050, Math 1060 and some statistics.

Approved by the Utah State Board of Regents on March 28, 2014

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