Academic & Student Affairs

Congratulations to Dr. Gary Wixom on receiving the ACTE Lifetime Achievement Award!

The Academic and Student Affairs staff advises, engages, and supports the Board of Regents, Commissioner, colleges and universities, and other partners to ensure quality academic programs and student services are provided throughout the Utah System of Higher Education. These efforts include managing academic approval and revision processes, fostering statewide collaboration and coordination, contributing to regional and national organizations and projects, and overseeing state and federal programs. More information on the work of Academic and Student Affairs is provided in the Useful Links section to the right.

Contact Us:

Phone: 801.321.7122 Fax: 801.321.7199 Elizabeth Hitch, Associate Commissioner for Academic & Student Affairs Blair Carruth, Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs Gregory Benson, Assistant Commissioner for Academic & Student Affairs Phyllis (Teddi) Safman, Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs Gary Wixom, Assistant Commissioner for Career & Technical Education Cyd Grua, Director of Instructional Technology Jessica Lucero, UCAP Project Manager